Our Quality Requirements

Our company lays great emphasis on constantly providing high quality service. In order to do so, we developed our modern quality-control policies on the basis of ISO and Hungarian standards.

We focus on careful selection of our employees, keeping their professional skills up-to-date, constantly training them and developing their skills.

Our senior associates have worked in management positions in the law enforcement bodies of Hungarian armed organizations, so they have considerable experience in managing and performing facility guarding, security consulting and security technology related tasks.

We have a special organizational unit to deal with manned guarding. The most suitable applicants for a particular task are chosen in a multiple-phase selection system, based on their professional skills, experience, attitude, intelligence, appearance as well as their achievements in the subsequent theoretical and practical training courses. Their tasks are prescribed in detailed isntructions in line with the particular customer’s needs and the defence requirements in the given area. We constantly keep their acquired skills up-to-date with training courses that are harmonized with their service schedule. Our employees are regularly tested on their knowledge of their job descriptions, instructions and the related tactical elements. In addition to the personal presence of regional and team leaders, we also help our employees’ work through a 24-hour control centre and computer-based control system, which gives us an accurate picture of our guards’ activities.

As a result of our consistent following these guidelines, our clients are completely satisfied with our services, which gives us an advantage to stand our ground in a fiercely competitive market.